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Athletic COVID Mitigation Plan

The KCKPS will follow KSHSAA guidelines and will make necessary adjustments as needed throughout the school year.

Establish a communication network with your county health department or local public health authority

The KCKPS Athletic Mitigation Team oversees risk mitigation policy and implementation for their school’s athletic programs. Team members include the Chief of Staff, District Athletic Director and the Nurse Health Coordinator in conjunction with UG Health Authorities, KSDHE and CDC.

· All school personnel and students will be trained on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Posters are available through the CDC website and should be posted throughout the school.

· Prominently display standard daily precautions throughout school facilities and promote healthy habits.

· Students and staff must be encouraged to report symptoms immediately. Participating while symptomatic could potentially jeopardize the entire activities program in their school and other schools for an extended period of time.

· Understand and identify the high-risk population. High risk individuals should evaluate their level of participation in school activities. This group includes those 65 years of age or older and people of any age with underlying medical conditions, including chronic lung disease, moderate to severe asthma, serious heart conditions, severe obesity, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, liver disease or are otherwise immunocompromised.

· The HS Athletic Director will communicate with the school to address necessary information updates for coaches, staff and students.

· HS Athletic Directors will contact opposing schools one week in advance of competition to share health concerns and Unified Government Health Department restrictions and expectations. This communication should be initiated by the host school and may be facilitated by use of KSHSAA Form D. Notify the District Athletic Director and building Principal if any changes are made in the schedule. Athletic Director will notify the Communication Director of changes for release to media. Athletic Directors will make announcement on Athletic Webpage and school social media of any changes in the schedule.

Activity Considerations

Practice Activities

• Maintain common groups as much as possible; practice outside whenever possible; spread out for team meetings; minimize full team interactions with teammates in close proximity.

• Practice and workout groups should remain static throughout a season insofar as possible.

• Masks/face coverings should must be worn at all times by all personnel, including students, except when directly participating in the activity.


· Masks/face coverings should be worn at all times by all personnel, including students, except directly participating in the activity.

o Scheduling: Consider a reduced schedule for all activities; consider reduction in travel - whenever possible, play closer to home school site; consider reduction in the size of invitational events (those you attend and those you host), or tier those events so not all teams are at venue at the same time;

o Contracts for games: While every effort should be made to play contests with contracts in place; if a team is unable to play due to health concerns, see sport specific guidance on impact of win/loss records.

• Sportsmanship:

o Prior to competition: demonstrate respect to officials and opposing team/coach with appropriate gestures other than physical contact.

o During competition: Support and recognize good play with clapping, thumbs up, etc.

o Conclusion of competition: in lieu of handshakes, develop and utilize an appropriate sign of respect and sportsmanship that does not include handshake or other physical contact; suggestions include head nod, chest thump, salute, etc.

  • Officials:

o Provide clean locker room with space for them to spread out; provide hand sanitizer and/or appropriate personal hygiene items (soap, towels, etc.).

o Provide place for officials to meet outside of the locker room away from the teams/crowds for pregame, halftime, and postgame discussions.

o Provide appropriate security while in “open” areas.

o Provide “sign-in” and/or payment with minimal invasion of personal space yet providing protection of confidential information.

• Contracts for officials: Officials should be paid for any game that is scheduled at the beginning of a “reduced” season even if it is canceled due to COVID impact on the game.

               • Event Staff: Initiate efficient protocols with essential staff only; should wear face covering whenever in the building..

• Admission: Consider cashless admission utilizing digital tickets or home-site season pass; provide plexiglass or other barriers for ticket staff.

• Concessions: Follow food service guidelines and provide limited menu with pre-packaged foods and bottled drinks. Limit cash sales, use credit card option when available. Add plexiglass barrier.

• Fan attendance: Policies should be made in consultation with your local health authorities. If crowd size is limited,consideration should allow for appropriate representation of fans from both/all schools participating. Ensure crowds do not have access to competition area or competitors before/during/following competition.CURRENTLY WE ARE ALLOWING SPECTATORS (this may change at any time throughout the year):

  • Outside events will NOT require spectators to mask
  • Inside activities will require spectators to MASK

· Transportation:

o Adhere to BOE policies for transportation to/from practices and contests.

o Clean vehicles before and after each usage; suggestions include single individual per bus seat; staggered bus seating as available; parent support for transporting own child (if within BOE policy).

o Masks should be worn during transport to and from events.

Fall Sports Practice Times

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